Brazilapparel DBA/ represents some of famous Brazilian Activewear, Beachwear, Surfwear, Streetwear, Sportswear and Casual manufactures. Sirmary, Elite and Hardfinger are the trademarkers of a tropical apparel in Brazil. They have been in the market since February 1982. We produce everything with high quality and fair prices.
       Ours products use fabrics like Nylon, Spandex (Lycra), Polyamide, Cotton with lots of love making it. We have always invested in production technology.  As a result, we have looked for innovating creations of the products each season, always observing the world fashion, and not overlooking the quality and comfort.
       Always observing the fashion world abroad, our companies has a department that studies the fashion worldwide for export purposes.  And this has been happening since 1997, which was when USA, Australia, Caribbean, France, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Venezuela, and Uruguay started purchasing our products. 
       In September 2002, one of our companies started to participate on the Lyon Fair in France, where it was presented a new collection, with a new technology, "Zero Costura" (meaning SEAMLESS), which will be representing 50% of the beachwear production worldwide in the next few years.
       And for the 2004 collection, we will be introducing accessories made out of coconut, bamboo, seashell, and bone, in a mixture of natural accents with a modern and Spice look.